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This is a really strange story why I wanted to post this.
It all started with Youtube. I wanted to know how to get under Orgrimmar.
When I first learned it I noticed a video right beside that I did watch.. “Secret room in wow - Orgrimmar” I did check it out and found this room. It was a cave design.
On the wall it was written “WKM” on the wall, and a candle right in front of it. So I started to wounder what that was. I didn’t mind to stand there to find it out.
After checking another video, “How to get in Dalaran Arena” And tried that… I got stack by DC all the time. I logged on my other char and contacted a GM. He helped my char back to Orgrimmar asap. When He did ask “Anything else while I am here?”
I asked about “WKM”. The GM told me that it was memorial to one of the Premium artists. He also told me that is the same reason why it is a angel in The barrens.
Behind the angel. It is a tomb marked “MK”. This is in memory of - Michel Koiter.
Blizzard Entrainment Premium Artist. With his Twin brother René Koiter.
This were their last work.

Michel died 19 years old by unexpected heart failure.
It is really sad to know this now.
I will put out link’s to they who got interested in this.

Rest In peace Michel Koiten. 3 May 1984 – 18 March 2004

<Info about MK>

<Twincruiser Gallery>

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